Australia’s leading actors create new union


100 of Australia’s leading film actors broke their ties with the “Actors Union of Australia” yesterday to join a new “Movie Actors Guild of Australia” union in opposition of a policy that they believe is hurting the Australian film industry.

This union was formed to oppose the older unions push to minimise the hiring of overseas actors for in national films; “If producers can’t hire overseas actors as office draws in the Lucrative ‘American market’, they won’t be making any movies here anyway,” said Fred Bloggs.

Fred and Fiona Bloggs were among the founders at a key meeting in Sydney a few weeks ago, and had been lobbying for change lobbying the film industry for six months beforehand.

Fiona, fred’s wife went on to add that “They represent the views of too many professions, so they couldn’t be unbiased in representing the views of movie actors. We have special needs that other actors don’t have.”

Fred concluded that “we saw the need for a new union because the Actors Union of Australia wasn’t treating movie actors right”, says Fred. He went on to clarify that “we’d like to see more Aussies working, but without overseas stars, none of us will be working.”


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